Why should students choose Germany ???

There are lots of  advantages to select Germany for higher education, let’s state some reasons

Global Standard Education

German universities and colleges offer world class education system , updated teaching methodology and most of these universities are top ranked in the world. Degrees are globally recognised.

Teachers and Professors are friendly and cooperative to treat every students equally and they assure overall development of students in terms of academic grades , skills , technology touch and career choices.

International Job opportunities

Studying in Germany opens wide space for candidates to enter international job markets and with expertise skills one can also get best paid jobs in various sectors like engineering , I.T, cyber security , web designing ,electronics ,health care, agriculture, climate research , biotechnology ,management , advertising , global business and many more.

In fact, students are allowed to work on part-time in Germany and they can earn roughly 500 to 800per month depending on job type and skills. This can support students to meet personal expenses while staying in Germany.

English Tests are not mandatory here

Although many countries made English language as compulsory for admission, but in Germany IELTS score is not mandatory everywhere because 95% of German population speaks German as official language and English is used as communication with global clients only in major cities in Germany.

Perhaps, International students will study in English medium of instruction. But German language classes for basic linguistic skills are recommended to every foreign students coming to study in Germany. Learning a new language will always add extra advantage in career graph.

Affordable education cost

Tuition fees in Germany is lower than many developed countries in the world and some state universities also allow tuition fees concession to students based on their merits. Furthermore, students can avail up to 3000 scholarship on spot.

Stay in Germany after studies

German laws allow an international student after graduation to stay for extended 18 months as job seeker in Germany. This opportunity gives chances to explore Germany and further boost career opportunities to convert into work visa.

Jordan Reynolds


There are lots of  advantages to select Germany for higher education.